BREAKING NEWS :Affected with superstition a man cut his one hand and offered to Goddess Kali at Gauripur panchayat under Singheshwar...Curfew like scene arose in Madhepura following 'Total Band' by the Farmers association of Madhepura....The VC of B.N.Mandal University performed 'Bhoomi Pujan' on new acquired 100 acres land for construction of New building.

Farmars' agitation creates a 'curfew' in Madhepura

09th June 2010 : Farmers of Madhepura district headed under Professor Chandrashekhar Yadav and CPI leader Pramod Prabhakar united here in district headquarter and called 'Madhepura Band'(closure) today.The 'Band' was totally successful.All shops excluding medicine were targeted to close.They were protesting against the ill policy of present government.They said that 90% of the population of district are depended on agriculture but government is not extending the hand of co-operation to them like irrigation,electricity,fertilizer and other aids facility.They also threatened the present government that if she doesn't raise appropriate steps to solve the problems of farmers,they would dethrone the government soon.