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5 years more service after retirement-case lodged

14th June 2010 : A bizarre case in which a police employee remained continued in government service even after his date of retirement has startled the people of Madhepura.The superintendent of police has ordered to file an F.I.R. against S.I. Ramnarayan Singh who managed his service 4 years and half more by showing a fake birth certificate,but the matter was exposed when his so-called certificate came under scrutiny by the Bihar School Examination board and it was found his date of birth was another as per he must have been retired about 5 years ago.A case has been filed against accused S.I. under section 409, 420, 466, 468 and 471 of the Indian Penal Code and the proceeding has also been started as he withdrew the excess amount in lakhs of rupees under payment head for exactly 4 years and half extra.
It is certain that this comes under very serious offense for a government servant whether he is in service or retire.It is expected that he must be punished severely if found guilty.