BREAKING NEWS :Affected with superstition a man cut his one hand and offered to Goddess Kali at Gauripur panchayat under Singheshwar...Curfew like scene arose in Madhepura following 'Total Band' by the Farmers association of Madhepura....The VC of B.N.Mandal University performed 'Bhoomi Pujan' on new acquired 100 acres land for construction of New building.

Superstition took one hand of a devotee

19th june 2010 : It was an unusual event for this district when a devotee of Goddess Kali cut his left hand with his own right hand and submitted as an 'offering'.This story of Santosh Kumar shook the educated and scientific society.A poor betal shopper of Gauripur (Singheshwar), Santosh, frustrated with his poverty left no stone unturned to manage to revive his sinking shop,But no one came forward to help him.Finally,he believed only God could help him in managing his plight.He began to worship 'Maa Kali' and to satisfy her with his honest worship,finally offered his hand as 'chadhawa'.Doctors said now he would have to survive with his one one safe hand.But this story left one question to ponder over whether superstition may finally be eradicated from the Indian Society?